With an intention to create a safe space for our time together, we will discuss the agreements below. Your input and presence is a valued part of this conversation, and we would like to emphasize that no one can do this perfectly. This is a collective effort to use kindness, understanding, and appropriate restraint in our speech and actions with each other.


  • right to control the direction of your learning
  • some flexibility within the course
  • speak with self-honesty and self-regulation, with an intention to foster understanding between us


  • treating different kinds of experience and each other with care and respect
  • putting aside our roles as teachers, not giving advice, and restraining our inclination to help
  • acknowledge that there will be differences of opinion about what is ethical misconduct
  • holding what we hear and observe, with care and confidentiality


  • self honesty, being truthful with yourself
  • keeping your commitments to yourself and to your development
  • being open to what is offered in these modules
  • acknowledge there may be resistance to this work, that difficult states may arise for us
  • having and maintaining a relationship(s) with respected other(s) to whom you can bring problems, questions, issues, and with whom you can share self-doubts and shortcomings.


  • your presence matters, that you show up and participate the best you can matters
  • we offer the teaching with a suggested donation basis to support our sangha and the teachings

Rev. 10/25/20